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#AU_Motivation Affiliate Marketing 101


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Aug 23, 2018
What is affiliate Marketing?

affiliate means when you get paid a commission when you promote a product or a service that is not yours, Just easy like that!
- Someone who is promoting other people products on Amazon or Etsy and earning a commission every time someone buy a product through his promotions
- A coffee shop can be considered an affiliate to Pepsi or CocaCola
Who is involved in affiliate Marketing Business?
1- You
(It can be just you or it can be a team, both works)
Simply you are the middle man between the product or services owner and the client , you do everything starting with creating marketing funnels and drive traffic and whatever necessary to generate sales or leads according to the objective.
- Find Product or Services to promote (Offers).
- Find Customers/Leads via Traffic Sources.
- Create Marketing Funnels (Landing Pages , Ads , Swipes ... Etc.
- Split Testing and Optimization.
- Scaling.
2- affiliate Newtorks
- CPS (Weight Loss Products , Make Money Online , Etc )
- CPL ( Leads Generation Offers)
- CPI (Games and Mobile Apps)
- And A Lot More
3- The Advertisers
The companies that owns the offers and do not use affiliate networks, and affiliate marketers work directly with them like Amazon, Hostgator ....etc
4- The Traffic Source
This is where you drive traffic from to generate leads and sales to your funnels and the offers you are promoting
- Search and PPC
- Native Ads
- Banners
- Mobile Ad Network
- Social Media
- Email
- Solo
- Direct & SEO
5- Tracking Systems
Tracking systems is a very important factor that will help you to track all your traffic, optimize , find winner campaigns, winning funnels , the perfect audience for your offers
Examples: Voluum & Bemob

What do I need to get started?
1- The Skills Needed to start in affiliate Marketing.

- Good Knowledge of Marketing and Online Business Fundamentals.
- Good English language if you are going to promote offers to top tires countries. (USA,CA,UK.AU)
- Content Marketing Skills (you will need content for everything: Landing Pages , Ad Copies , Emails ..... etc)
- Advertising Skills
- Basics of Graphic Design ( You can use Photoshop or you can use platforms like Canva to Produce Visuals)
- Basics of Programming and how to use/install/ Setup domains , hosting and landing pages.
- Data Analysis

2- Resources
- Domain & Hosting

- Themes
- Landing Pages/ Funnels
- Email Marketing
Active Campaign
- Design and Creative
- Tracking Systems
- Cloaking and Masking
- Spy Tools
- affiliate Networks
cpa: Maxbounty
CPS: clickbank
Direct: Amazon
3- Budget Needed
Rather than starting free with no budget at all using Free Traffic and Free Tools it's recommended to start with $500/$1000 Monthly and let's just say the more you invest , the better.

Applying For affiliate Networks
To be honest getting approved by affiliate networks for newbies is not easy and this is because affiliate networks are always afraid to accept new affiliate , as new affiliates can damage their relationship with advertisers due to fraud and illegal traffic ... etc
Most of credible and top affiliate networks like MaxBouty are going to interview you before you got accepted.
So how to get accepted?
- ClickBank
- MaxBounty
- PeerFly
- ClickDealer
- Montizer
- Tapgerine
- DigiZag
- ArabyAds
There are hundreds of affiliate networks but the ones above are the most recommended and the hardest to join.

affiliate Managers
affiliate Managers are the ones who will be responsible for you and the ones that you will communicate with along the road and it's too important to make a good relationships with them and here's what they can do for you
- They will help you find the right offer.
- They will tell you the best traffic sources to run for a specific offers.
- They can help you with technical issues.
- They can help you increase your limits and increase your commission.
- They can give you insights and data about offers.
- They can mentor and advice you.
- They can give you hidden offers.

Best Recommended Offers
- Health and Beauty
- Make Money Online
- E-commerce
- Insurance and Loans
- Gamming and Mobile Apps
- Vouchers and Sweepstakes.
- Educational Offers.

How to choose offers?
- Ask your affiliate manager to recommend offers that generate good conversion rates.
- Spy Tools (Like AdPlixity)
Landing Pages Optimization Recommended Checklist
- Clarity (One Clear Goal, One Clear Idea)
- Clear and compelling Headline that talks to the problem you solve and serve the Call To Action you want the visitor to take.
- The Copy ( Have to be first related to the campaign that drive traffic , all about the Idea and Goal you identified).
- Visualization ( Simple and have a theme colors related to the brand).
- Clear and Visible Forms
- Multiple Call To Actions.
- Bullet Points explaining the benefits and what's in it for the visitor to convince him/her to take the CTA
- Visible Trust Icons.
- Testimonials and Credibility Factors.
- Privacy Policy and TOS Pages
- Contact Us Methods.
- Needs to take attention ( Good Image and A Headline that take the attention).
- Have to be relevant to offer and landing page you created.
- Helps to convert.
1- Text Ads:
- Bing Ads
- Google Ads
2- Banners and Image Ads (Most Popular):
- Squares
- Leaderboards (720*90)
- Medium Rectangles (300*250)
- Skycrapper ( 120*600)
3- Mixed Ads (Native Ads in Blogs)
Image and Text
4- PopUp and Pop Unders
Either a complete web page or a smaller in a form of a banner
5- Social Media Ads
It's different between platform and another but most popular is facebook and instagram and squares can work for both of them (800*800) or more.

Angels and Headlines (Popular and Recommended)
- How to (X) Without (Y)
- The Truth About (X)
- What to do If (X)
- Exposed: Secrets about (X )
- Never Worry About (X) Again
- Emotional Story
- Breaking News!
- What you do not know about (X)
- Here's Why (X)
- Urgency (30 Minutes Lift to a specific Offer)
- How I (X) in (Y)
- Promise

Ad Banner Checklist (Based on Selected Angels)
- Image
- Headline
- Benifits

Now you've chosen the offer , created landing pages , ad copy and creatives ... it's time to setup the tracking and launch your campaigns through traffic sources above.

Launch Your Campaigns
- Start with small budgets ($5/$10) per campaign
- Set Initial Bids (It's recommended to bid higher than suggested)
- Launch Campaigns
It's recommended to double check your tracking source to make sure that everything is going well .. also check traffic source and make sure it sending clicks and then see if it's counted on tracker and affiliate network dashboard.

You launched the campaigns , lost some money collecting data , now it's time to analyze the data and exclude what's not working and use what's working.
Optimization means you test and test and test and test , till you find the profitable campaign , good landing page that convert , the write audience , geo, the right traffic source if you use more than one, best devices , placements , ad copy and timing.

After finishing optimizing process and find the profitable campaign, landing page ... etc it's more likely that you might found a winner , so it's time to go with higher budgets to be able to scale.